Friday, May 25, 2012

Math Camp 2012

While I was exploring all the delightful blogs I heard about in response to my list of women math bloggers, I came across something wonderful. Some high school math teachers decided they could make their own professional development conference. It's Math Camp 2012.

Math Camp 2012 will be happening in St. Louis, July 19 to 22. 

Guerrilla Professional Development, organized by and for (high school?) math teachers. Sam Shah and Cheesemonkey are involved in this, so I'm convinced it's gonna be good. I have a feeling the other organizers, Shelli Temple and Lisa Henry, will be familiar names by next year.

I'm going to the Math Circle Institute in early July. If I had more money and more time, I'd go to this Math Camp too.


  1. Hi Sue, just wanted to say that I'm going to the Math Circle training! I look forward to meeting you there.

  2. Yeay! I'm getting so excited. You're the second person I'll get to meet there who I've known online and haven't yet met for real.

    I met Kate there the first year, and that's how I learned about math blogs.


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