Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mitchell 20: Good Teachers, Getting Better

If you're frustrated with all the teacher bashing and standardized testing, here's an alternative idea: National Board Certification helps teachers deepen their professional practice.

A group of 20 teachers at a low-income, urban elementary school, Mitchell School in Phoenix, Arizona, went through this process together. You can get Mitchell 20, the movie made about their journey, for $5 this week. I've bought mine, but may not be able to watch it until the weekend. I hear it's quite inspiring.


  1. I did my National Boards this year with support from the group at Stanford. We watched the movie this past weekend at our last session. Inspirational? Yes. Really depressing? Yes. I wasn't expecting the latter.

  2. Yikes! Why depressing? (I still haven't seen it yet.)

  3. i won't give it away...but the teachers aren't treated well by their district admin. folks

  4. Oh no. (Dang, we can't even have one good story with teacher heroes overcoming all, and making their school shine? There still need to be *(&^ bureaucrats?) Well, I'm still looking forward to watching it, and glad for the warning.


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